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Friday, February 28

"Leap Year 'Cupid Missed Me' Singles Happy Hour" at Popular *Fox and Hound Tavern* in Mason $5

Cingles.Net Activities Include:
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  • Singles Social Networking
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What Types of Parties, Gatherings and Events Does Cingles.Net Host?

What Are Gourmet Connections™ Parties and What Are They Like?

Dark Festive Table

Several times each month,Cingles.Net hosts parties at various “upscale” yet affordable restaurants in the city and suburbs. Some of these restaurants are brand new, some are ethnic dining adventures and some are old favorites. A few offer music for listening or dancing after dinner.

Attendance varies by area, time of year, type of food and other variables, but typically ranges from 16-30 singles. This type of party maximizes getting to know those who attend, rather than a quick hello that may be the case at larger events.

These parties are typically offered on Saturday night, but occasionally on Friday. Most Gourmet Connections events begin with an hour-long get-acquainted cocktail party. This is followed by a seated dinner party. Seats are not assigned; you choose where you wish to sit, though boy/girl/boy girl seating is encouraged to maximize social interaction.

More than 90 percent of the singles who attend Cingles.Net parties do so by themselves. While some people feel the need to bring a friend for support initially, this rarely is necessary. You are more likely to interact with the other attendees if you come to the party alone.

What Are Singles Mixers, Happy Hours and Other After-work Gatherings Like?

Friends Toasting

Once or twice a month, Cingles.Net hosts after-work gathering at popular bars, restaurants and other watering holes. These generally draw large crowds or 40-60 singles or more to socialize, mix and mingle over cocktails, wine, beer or soft drinks and occasionally appetizers.

The theme of these gatherings varies. Some are simply Happy Hours, while others are Mission Martini™ social hours with a business and social networking with a portion of the proceeds going to a local charity.

The atmosphere for these fun events is casual and the parties generally run from 5:00 or 5:30 to 7:30 or 8:00.

What Are Wine Knot? ™ Tastings and Wine Appreciation Events Like?

Wine Sunset

Once a month, Cingles.Net organizes a wine tasting or wine appreciation event with local wineries, wine bars or wine-focused restaurants.

Like Happy hours, Wine Knot? events usually take place after work and are casual, free-flowing gatherings. They can draw 30-50 singles and are an excellent way to talk, get to know one another and socialize over a nice glass of wine.

What Are Discovery Outings, New 2 Cincinnati Explorations, Discussions and Other Parties Like?

Overlooking City

Occasionally, Cingles.Net organizes get-togethers at museums, zoos, public events, picnics, group discussions and other types of activities. These are more infrequent, but are a nice way to share “out of the box” experiences with other singles just like you.